Feb 16, 2015
Nominations Now Open for the Betty Blashill Prize

We are pleased to invite nominations for the 2015 Betty Blashill Prize.  While Betty and her positve, passionate and tireless environmental work are missed sorely since her death in 2006, we know others are taking up the torch to work hard towards improving Hamilton.  We hope to encourage others who work behind the scenes like Betty did.  The cash prize that accompanies this award may be used to advance the recipient's environmental efforts and knowledge or their work to reduce their ecological footprint.  

Click here to 
access the 2015 Blashill Prize Nomination Package.  

**Nominations must be postdated no later than April 1, 2015**   


Feb 12, 2015
Help Cities Get Ready For Climate Change!

On February 12th, the Province of Ontario's Ministry of Environment & Climate Change announced the launch of a Climate Change Consultation.  Ontarians are being invited to 'join the conversation on climate change' as the province works to 'prepare a new strategy to fight climate change.   We are all being invited to share our feedback on what matters to us.   A discussion paper is available on the Environmental Bill of Rights registry that Ontarians can review and comment on.    

Environment Hamilton, along with our partner organizations Toronto Environmental Alliance and Ecology Ottawa put out a press release today, calling on the province to help cities to get ready for climate change.   Cities need to demand more support from higher levels of government such as the province to help us to mitigate and adapt to climate change.  Click here to read our joint press release.  

The province is hosting an in-person public consultation session right here in Hamilton on MARCH 16th from 6pm - 8pm at the McMaster Innovation Park (175 Longwood Road South).  GET INVOLVED!


Jan 28, 2015
Throw Council on the Bus

What would you pay to see your favourite councillor ride the HSR? Pledge any amount on a specific councillor (or divided among them all). Donations pledged to each councillor are only due if he or she commutes by bus for a week. All donations will be used to buy transit tickets for those in need.

Visit http://www.dearhamilton.ca/ to pledge.  Twitter hashtag #BusAMove

Enter a total pledge amount and we'll split it evenly among all members of council or make a pledge to get a specific councillor on the HSR!

Upcoming Events
Feb 28, 2015

 Seedy Saturday Workshop

Turning Our Backyard Into a Monarch Haven
Come and learn about how the Melanson Family has been raising and releasing monarch butterfiles.  They will share their tips and tricks!
This is a FREE workshop that begins at 11am as part of Seedy Saturday
For workshop details contact Juby at jlee@environmenthamilton.org

SEEDY SATURDAY is taking place on Saturday, Feb 28th

Pioneer Memorial Church 1974 King St. E. Hamilton

100_1332.JPGThe  Pollinators Paradise Project will be at Seedy Saturday handing out info and our customized poster. 

Jun 07, 2015

              Come Ride with Us!

 Carbon Cycle 2015

Lake to Lake pic.jpg
 Lake to Lake Ride 
to support Environment Hamilton

Sat. June 6th- Sunday June 7th, 2015
 Sign up now for our annual overnight cycle trip to Lake Erie and back.  Enjoy a weekend away and, at the same time, help to raise funds to support the important environmental work that EH does in Hamilton!