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Nov 29, 2015


12046988_1722921591262287_5791506906353484649_n.jpgWhat:  Rally at City Hall on the international day of climate action 
When:  3:00 pm Sunday November 29th 2015 (the day before UN climate treaty discussions begin in Paris, France)
Where:  Hamilton City Hall. First Nations will welcome other groups ‘migrating’ from various locations across Hamilton and Burlington, these groups having used climate-friendly means such as walking, cycling or using public transit to reach this destination.
Why:  The biggest climate summit of the decade starts on November 30, and our leaders could reach an effective agreement to get the world off fossil fuels and navigate away from climate catastrophe, while signalling to politicians, boardrooms and stock-markets everywhere that the era of dirty energy is over. Winning won’t be easy -- but if we make leaders feel the power of this movement then we can win.

Many groups pledge to work together, with all of our various knowledge and skill sets, for solutions to climate related problems.
Environment Hamilton's contingent will meet at 2pm at the EH offices, 22 Wilson St., Hamilton. We will be signing letters to our officials before leaving as a group at 2.40 and walking together over to City Hall. We will be wearing green. Join us!                  



 Hamilton2Paris from Environment Hamilton.

For details read here.