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Environment Hamilton relies on its members, supporters, and volunteers to do the work that we do! Help us make a difference in our community by getting involved and taking action on one or more of the environmental concerns here in Hamilton. 

If you're interested in volunteering, we ask that you complete our online form. This will help give us a better sense of who you are and how we can help find an opportunity that best suits your interests. Once submitted, we'll contact you and help you start taking action! Environment Hamilton welcomes volunteers of all ages and backgrounds. We are also happy to work with high school students who are looking to fulfill their volunteer hours but we require adequate notice in order to accommodate such requests. Click here to access our volunteer form. 


The Ontario Greenbelt Alliance (OGA) is calling on Premier Wynne and her government to fix the Greenbelt and Growth Plan while they still can. Please send a letter to show your support for our region’s clean air, fresh water, and healthy local food.

Premier Kathleen Wynne and her Cabinet are about to make a final decision on the updated Greenbelt and Growth Plans. They have a big choice to make: protect farmland, water sources, and natural areas in and around the Greenbelt, or allow developers to pave over these areas for years to come.

This is our last chance to let the Premier and MPPs know that Ontarians support clean water and local food. Please add your voice and help push back against powerful interests lobbying to roll back these hard-earned protections.

What is at stake?

Proposed changes to the Growth Plan and Greenbelt Plan will allow costly and damaging sprawl developments on thousands of hectares of rural countryside:

  • A loophole in the Growth Plan allows sprawl development on unserviced farmland to be counted as intensification. A recent Neptis Foundation study identified 31,000 hectares of land in Simcoe and elsewhere set aside for such growth, which could cost billions of dollars to service in the future.
  • Proposed changes to the Greenbelt Plan will allow sprawl around towns and villages within the Greenbelt, and remove the prohibition on building new water and sewer pipes from Lake Ontario and Lake Simcoe. These policies are central to the goals of the Greenbelt; removing them could fatally undermine it.

There is no need for these changes.

An area of land larger than Mississauga and Oakville is set aside for development in the region, more than enough to accommodate population growth to 2031 and beyond. To support this smarter, more land-efficient growth, we need to protect water sources and productive farmland, not encourage more costly, developer-driven urban sprawl.

Sign the letter here: http://www.growourgreenbelt.ca/stopsprawl

Current Actions:


 Help Us Advocate 

Are you interested in learning more about your environmental rights?  At Environment Hamilton we are always exercising our rights under Ontario's Environmental Bill of RIghts (EBR) and we are eager to help others to do the same.  Please email us at contactus@environmenthamilton.org if you are interested in learning more about the EBR and how you can use it right here in Hamilton.  


EH submitted provincial Environmental Bill of Rights comments recently on a posting related to an amendment to a provincial air emissions permit for Hamilton Specialty Bar located on Sherman Avenue North. When we reviewed the file at the Ministry of Environment & Climate Change’s Hamilton District office, we learned, in  more detail, about provincial requirements that the company conduct annual air monitoring tests on the plant's pollution control stack because it is emitting cancer-causing dioxins and furans into our air.   But we are very much aware that the broader community has never been provided with details about this situation.   In our submission to the Ministry, we expressed strong concern about this reality and  requested that the company be required, at a minimum, to hold an annual public meeting to update the community on annual stack test results and whether problem emissions are getting better or worse. 

It’s our air – and we believe that we all have a right to demand the highest level of openness and transparency both from the MInistry of Environment & Climate Change and from local industries so that we can hold local polluters to account!  

Click here to read our detailed submission. 

Want to know more about your environmental rights and how to exercise them?  Give us a call at (905) 549-0900 or email us at contactus@environmenthamilton.org


Help us Make Healthy Fresh Food Accessible 

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Join the Good Food Box Pack!  

We need volunteers for 2 hours on the third and fourth Wednesday of every month to assist with Good Food Box Packing. This is ongoing and fun! We need about 4-6 packers each time, so grab some friends! The impact of this work is tangible for those who want to make a difference in our community. Please note: the pack is not strenuous but some lifting is required. Contact Juby at 905-549-0900 or at jlee@environmenthamilton.org. Learn more. 

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Become Part of the Hamilton Fruit Tree Project!

The Hamilton Fruit Tree project organizes volunteers to harvest fruit from trees in Hamilton that would otherwise go to waste. Fruit tree owners contact us if they have trees that are available for picking. Volunteers then pick the fruit and the bulk of it is donated to local food banks. Please note this opportunity is seasonal and our capacity to pick is limited by the number of volunteers available to help. Learn more. 


Help Us Identify, Monitor, and Report

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Become an Urban PipeWatcher!

After bacteriological samples taken in 2012 revealed that high levels ofE.coli and total coliform bacteria were entering the Red Hill Creek through combined sewer and storm outfalls, we've relied on volunteer Pipewatchers to be our eyes and noses in the community. Help us use simple sensory monitoring to track problematic discharges into one of Hamilton's greatest natural assets. Email us at contactus@environmenthamilton.org to get involved. Learn more. 



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Become a Stack Watcher!

EH staff and volunteer neighbours watch visible emissions from facilities in Hamilton's industrial core. Become a Stackwatcher and help us watch for and report these emission problems which create nuisance and health concerns for surrounding neighbours. Conact contactus@environmenthamilton.org to get involved. Learn more



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Become a Dust Buster!

Dustbusters in an EH initiative that cracks down on particulate matter (PM)/dust emitters in the north-end of Hamilton. The most easily avoidable, and often the worst individual cases of PM concerns are dusty, unpaved lots like scrap, recycling and junk yards. Many of these border on communities and constitute a major health concern for residents. Help us by becoming a Dustbuster! And if you're an avid biker, consider becoming a Dustrider. Contact contactus@environmenthamilton.org to get involved. Learn more


Help Us Track City Hall Ongoings 

City of Hamilton Logo.jpg   Help Environment Hamilton track the city's environmental decision-making. We'll provide a list of options of committees or policy development processes that you can participate in or just observe. You become familiar with the environmental issues being examined (or not) and how our representatives are responding and help EH advocate for better actions and policies. Contact contactus@environmenthamilton.org to get involved and learn more. 


Help Us Get Youth Involved 

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While those under 18 are welcome and encouraged to volunteer in any of the opportunities listed on this page, Environment Hamilton's Youth Taking Root is a great option for youth looking to interact with other youth and develop skills and knowledge in the environmental field. To learn more, join YTR or find out what volunteer options we offer exclusively for young environmentalists, please contact Beatrice at bekoko@faith-commongood.net. You can also visit our website. THiS PROJECT IS ON HOLD.


Help With Our In-House Activities 

Writers Group - Do you enjoy writing articles, reviewing books and other resources, researching and reporting on cutting edge materials? Write for our newsletter and blogs. You can help us grow our resource library by contacting publishers and getting review copies of materials. You will need to do write-ups of the material for the blog. 

Grant/Funding Researcher - We are looking for someone who can keep on top of grants that are available and compatible with Environment Hamilton's mandate. 

Video Editor - This position is for a volunteer who has experience using Youtube and editing short videos. 

Workshop Facilitators - We are always looking for activities/opportunities that we can provide to our membership base. Please contact us if you are interested in hosting a workshop. 

For these positions, please contact contactus@environmenthamilton.org 


Become a Member! 

By becoming a member of EH, not only will you be joining a group of like-minded people looking to make a positive difference in their community, but you'll enable us to continue the work that we do. Amoung other benefits, all members receive weekly updates and automatic delivery of our quarterly newsletter - a great way to stay up to date on what we're up to and get involved. Become a member today!