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To learn more about how to document and report odour problems CLICK HERE.   

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Historically, road dusts and fugitive dusts from industrial operations have been regarded as only "nuisance" dusts and have been considered mainly as an aesthetic problem. Today however, this dust, also known as particulate matter (PM), is known to be an "air contaminant", "emission", and "concern for human health". 

The DustBuster campaign aims to reduce the airborne dust and particulate matter (PM) that dirties our city and enters our lungs. By building capacity within communities and empowering residents to observe, record, and report instances of excess dust and dust drag-out, we hope to place pressure on Hamilton's worst offenders and encourage them to conform to health and safety standards at both the municipal and provincial levels.


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  Who You Gonna Call? 

  How do you report and who do you report to? Click to find out!


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Not sure what drag-out is, or want to know more about the health concerns of PM? Click to learn more!  



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