New Keith Neighbourhood Bus in June

The new north-south HSR route advocated by EH begins operation on June 23. Last month, the HSR invited EH staff and some residents from the neighbourhood to ‘test drive’ the route and help pick out locations for stops.

The Wentworth number 12 will follow a rectangular route south on Wentworth, west on Stinson, north on Victoria past the General Hospital, and east on Burlington Street back to Wentworth . It will provide 30 minute service to cover both morning and afternoon rush hours. The new line intersects with six major east-west routes – King 1, Barton 2, Cannon 3, Burlington 4, Delaware 5 and Beeline 10.

EH is developing an extensive promotional program for the new line to ensure that it secures sufficient ridership to be sustain-able. Our thanks go out to the HSR and city councillors for agree-ing to establish the route. Special thanks to the residents of the Keith neighbourhood who approached us with the request two years ago.

A 2006 EH door-to-door survey of 3200 North Hamilton homes produced the proof that a real need and demand exist for the new service which will finally end a situation where some homes were more than a kilometre from the nearest HSR stop.