The Eco Theatre project emerged from a partnership between Scene Change and Environment Hamilton. 
The primary target group is high school students, but students younger and older than the target group are also in view.

The value of the project is two-fold: 1) Experiential learning and empowerment through writing, production and performances; 2) Inspiring eco awareness and action through a theatre experience that can awaken new interest and motivation.

The project began with a writing group in March '13 who established vision, story and characters. Writing continued the summer and into the fall. Plans for premiering the play are now underway.

About the play: 60 Days of Summer.

The story is written by local students and teachers, follows the misadventrues of a group of students who attempt to live a full summer with no eco-footprint. Earth is personified through song and movement. Packed with interpersonal tensions, dream sequences and plot twists, the outcome is not what the students expect.

Phase One was a research and writing process (spring '13) with students. Phase Two is auditions that are open to all high school aged students (Feb 22, 2014). Phase Three is the production process. Phase Four is a premiere followed by performances with interested schools and community groups (spring '14 and beyond). The script and production will have strong theatrical integrity and a style that engages, entertains and inspires students.

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