Dundas Eco-Motion

Leave the car at home & reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. Environment Hamilton is back in Dundas and working hard to promote the use of sustainable transportation and, in so doing, build a public movement to see sustainable transportation systems improved. The Dundas Eco-Motion Project (DEMP) encourages residents to walk, bike, rollerblade, or bus around their communities to reduce our carbon footprint and improve our health.

Co-op student Adam Pallett will be working as the project coordinator for the Dundas Eco-Motion Project until the end of April 2011. Over the Summer of 2010, summer intern Alessandra Gage served as project coordinator for the Dundas EcoMotion Project. She put lots of energy into meeting with city councillors and local community groups to get people moving on sustainable transportation. The project is featured in two Dundas Star articles. To view the articles, please follow these links:

Latest News on the Project:

April 2011

On April 11th, 2011 at the Dundas Town Hall, the Dundas Walkability Committee had their first meeting. There was some great discussion about the next steps for the commitee, and it was decided that they will adopt the 'Complete Streets' approach for solving the current walkability issues in Dundas. The group will work towards creating a complete street model for a current problem area, and advocate for a 'Complete Streets' policy in Hamilton. 

March 2011

On March 16th, 2011 a public meeting was held at the Amica Retirement Residence. The meeting was a success and had a good turnout, with very enthusiastic attendees who provided passionate feedback and concerns. The goals of this meeting were to prioritze the walkability concerns highlighted in the 'Dundas Eco-Motion Project Report', and to organize a select group of Dundasians who will create a Walkability Committee. The top three concerns which were voted for at the meeting were: the intersection at Ogilvie and Governor's near the Metro, design/repair/construction of better sidewwalks, and better bus service.

On March 2nd, 2011 the 'Dundas Eco-Motion Project Report' was released to the public. The document summarizes the concerns gathered by the Dundas Eco-Motion Project during the summer of 2010. In the document, readers are provided with an overview of the project's purpose, goals, and achievements, in addition to an in-depth review of community comments, concerns, and overall project findings. Our hope is that the document will facilitate the establishment of a community walkability group made up of and ultimately run by Dundasians. We are planning to hold the first meeting of this community group on the evening of March 16th. Please feel free to share your comments on the report, and send any comments to me at apallett@environmenthamilton.org or call me at 905-549-0900. To view the report in PDF format, please follow this link: 

December 2010

On December 2nd, 2010 a Town Hall meeting was held in Dundas to present an overview of the outcomes of the Summer 2010 Dundas EcoMotion Project. The meeting provided a good opportunity for community members to discuss potential next steps. It was agreed that there was a need for interested residents to be able to have the opportunity to closely review the public feedback provided to the project. From there, residents plan to prioritize concerns and organize to meet ward Councillor Russ Powers in early 2011. 

Walkability Assessments:

You can fill out walkability assessments so that we can be aware any walkability concerns in your neighbourhood. Download the Word (.doc) version and email it back to us as an attachment, or print off a hard copy (.pdf) and mail it to us or drop it off. All responses and feedback are much appreciated. If you do not have time to fill out an assessment, you can email any concerns to apallett@environmenthamilton.org. To view the survey we used during our summer EcoMotion Walkabouts, please open the following document in either the Word (.doc) or PDF (.pdf) form:

Walkability Assessment Tool - Dundas (Word Document .doc)

Walkability Assessment Tool - Dundas (PDF Version .pdf)

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Important Documents:

Downtown Dundas Transportation Master Plan - DDTMP                                           Summary of Public Comments and Responses to the DDTMP - Response to DDTMP             City of Hamilton - Pedestrian Master Plan - Pedestrian Master Plan
Hatt Street Study (2005) - Hatt Street Study
Cycling Master Plan (2009) - Cycling Master Plan
International Charter for Walking - Charter for Walking
Canadian Walks Master Class: Case Study, Hamilton 2009 - Hamilton Report
Urban Braille System - Principles & Guidelines

The Dundas Eco-Motion Project hosts a number of different events to get people out, about, and thinking about sustainable/active transportation:


2011 Events:

Dundas Eco- Motion Meeting - Wednesday, April 27th from 7-9pm - Dundas Town Hall (60 Main Street)                                                                                                   Dundas Walkability Committee Meeting - Monday, April 11th from 7-9pm - Dundas Town Hall (60 Main Street)                                                                                  Dundas Eco-Motion Public Meeting - Wednesday, March 16th from 7-9pm - Amica Retirement Residence (50 Hatt Street)                                                                       Dundas Valley Trail Hike (led by Richard Reble) - Sunday, February 27th @ 1pm - Meet in front of East Side Mario's (119 Osler Drive)

Summer 2010 Events:

Walkabout - Saturday, July 31st @ 2pm - Meet at Dundas Library (18 Ogilvie St)
Walkabout #2 - Saturday, August 7th @ 2pm - Meet at Dundas Library (18 Ogilvie St)
Meeting with Creekside Residents - Thursday, August 12th @ 2pm - Meet at 4000 Creekside Drive, in the party room
Historical Tour (Downtown Dundas) - Tuesday, August 24th @ 7pm - Meet at Dundas Library (18 Ogilvie St)
Rail Trail Hike - Saturday, August 28th @ 1:30pm - Meet in front of the Shopper's Drug Mart in University Plaza
West Hamilton Bike Ride at Sunset - Wednesday, September 8th @ 6:30pm - Meet at the Dundas Town Hall
Escarpment & Waterfall Hike - Monday, September 13th @ 6:30pm - Meet at Dundas District Public School, 397 King St. W
Historical Tour (Heritage district, near Melville) - Tuesday, September 21st @ 6:30pm - Meet in parking lot of St. Paul's United Church (corner of Park St. & Cross St.)
Town Hall Meeting: Focus on addressing community concerns & providing an overview of the project - Thursday, December 2nd @ 7:00pm - Meet in Dundas Town Hall