Concession Street Walks

This summer, as part of the neighbourhood Walkability Project, Environment Hamilton initiated Concession Street Walks, a project meant to encourage residents to reduce their carbon footprint when running daily errands by using sustainable forms of transportation (walking, biking, public transit).

In order to reach this goal, we organized special walking tours, bike hikes, information sessions, and free giveaways for those who committed to taking the Walk There Challenge!

What is the Walk There Challenge?

The project is supported by the web-based "Walk ThereTool", which encourages Hamiltonians to sign on to the Walk There Challenge.   You can commit to travel to destinations within 2 km of your home by foot, bike or bus, with the goal of reducing your vehicle trips by 10 percent.

To participate in the Walk There Challenge:

  • Visit and check out the great places within walking/biking distance of your place of departure
  • Commit and take the Walk There Challenge
  • Walk or bike to destinations within at least 2Km of your starting point, and enjoy a healthier lifestyle while reducing your carbon footprint!

Special Events:

Throughout the summer, a number of special events were held to promote Concession Street Walks:

  • Project Display @ Canada Day BBQ on Mountain Park (Upper Gage & Concession) - Wednesday, July 1st @ 11am-2pm

  • Mountain Brow Bike Hike to Albion & Buttermilk Falls - Saturday, July 4th, @ 1pm - meet @ Mountain Park (Upper Gage & Concession)

  • Sunset Hike (eastbound & back) along the Mountain Brow with Bruce Trail leader, Richard Reble - Thursday, July 23rd @ 7pm - meet @ top of the Wentworth Stairs

  • Sunset Hike (westbound & back) along the Mountain Brow with Bruce Trail leader, Richard Reble - Thursday, August 13th @ 7pm - meet @ top of the Wentworth Stairs

  • Mountain Brow Historical Tour with historian Jerry Johansen, author of "Concession Street: In Context" - Thursday, October 1st @ 7pm - meet @ flagpoles on the West side of Sam Lawrence Park

Your Wish List:

In addition to our special events, we provided interested participants with a survey in which they could create a "wish-list" of changes and improvements that they would like to see happen along Concession Street to help increase the ease of walking/biking/public transportation in the neighbourhood.

Your Environment, Your Body:

Your body deserves a healthy environment to live in, so let's work together to make it a clean, safe, and enjoyable place to be! Take the Walk There Challenge, check out the special events for Concession Street Walks, and enjoy the benefits of a healthy lifestyle while helping your environment.

Want to be involved? Have any questions? Please direct all queries to


Alessandra Gage

Project Coordinator of the Walkability Project 2009

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