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This Changes Everything: Film Screening and Short Presentation.

 November 22nd @7pm sharp at the Hamilton Public Library (Central). Doors open at 6.30pm. 

This film is inspired by Naomi Klein’s international non-fiction bestseller This Changes Everything.Filmed over 211 shoot days in nine countries and five continents over four years, This Changes Everything is an epic attempt to re-imagine the vast challenge of climate change.
Contact Beatrice at bekoko@environmenthamilton.org or call 905 549 0900 for details.


Free showing of the short 350 film “Disobedience”
Monday September 19 at 7 pm

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At the EH offices: 22 Wilson Street, 2nd floor, Hamilton (between James North and Hughson).

Disobedience introduces us to inspiring groups of people who are advocating for a better way of life for their families, their communities and their planet. In the process, scientists and scholars educate viewers on the role of civil disobedience in affecting reform, the economic impact of environmental catastrophe, and the myriad of social issues which are worsening in the midst of climate change.
To register, email Beatrice at bekoko@environmenthamilton.org or call 905 549-0900
Seating is limited.



dtm-come-watch.jpgThe Do The Math movie is a 42-minute documentary film about the rising movement to change the terrifying math of the climate crisis and challenge the fossil fuel industry. 
The film looks at our carbon budget and the implications for our pensions and savings.

Our remaining global carbon budget is estimated to be 500 billion tons. As the major oil, coal and gas producers have over five times that amount in their reserves, what does it mean for the true value of these companies' shares? Some financial institutions are beginning to do the math. 

A presentation with Environment Hamilton board member, Founder, CATCH writer and member of Hamilton350, Don Mclean will follow.


Contact Beatrice at bekoko@environmenthamilton.org or 905 549 0900 for more information or to book a free screening.


City Council Can do Much More on Climate Justice.

Statement of Environment Hamilton – November 29, 2015

As national leaders gather for the Paris climate conference, we also need real action from city council. Join Environment Hamilton’s campaign for adoption of simple, urgent, low-cost climate-friendly policies.

1)      Adopt a fixed urban boundary and support Greenbelt expansion to include all remaining agricultural lands in Hamilton. That will help stop sprawl, enhance our food security and protect crucial flood-preventing wetlands and natural areas.

2)      Rapidly and substantially expand HSR service by redirecting federal gas tax grants and by applying equal transit taxes on the entire urban area instead of the current system that forces the older city residents to pay three times as much as the former suburbs.

3)      Finance flood prevention by adopting an impervious surface fee that makes shopping centres, malls, private parking lots and other large paved areas pay the real costs of their stormwater runoff. Extreme storms have flooded Hamilton homes twenty times since 2004 with at least three 100-year events, three additional 50-year events, and one that should only occur every 1000 to 5000 years.

4)      Encourage more renewable energy production in Hamilton by removing the current moratorium on wind turbines and committing to the purchase the resulting wind and solar energy produced in the city. Vacant and/or underutilized former industrial lands should host wind and solar installations.

5)      Support energy efficient homes with low-interest loans for energy conservation. As in other cities, the loan is repaid via property taxes and is attached to the building rather than the owner, so it doesn’t prevent house sales.

6)      Adopt variable development fees to end subsidy of greenfield development and encourage more infill. Fees should reflect the actual costs of servicing – significantly lower in the built-up area and higher for greenfield areas, instead of the current faulty ‘one-fee-fits-all’ policy.

Help Environment Hamilton achieve these and other practical climate-friendly policies by signing our petition, or contact us at info@environmenthamilton.org. More info www.environmenthamilton.org (905) 540-0900


Contact list for local environmental groups working on climate action.

These groups participated in the Hamilton2Paris Climate Rally on Nov.29th 2015 at City Hall. Each group is dedicated to developing connections with people living in Hamilton to improve ecological awareness and the welfare of all living here.  You may wish to connect one or more of these groups.

-Hamilton350  -Mustard Seed Co-op -Carshare Hamilton -Hamilton Labour Council - Hamilton Victory Gardens

-Council of Canadians – Hamilton Chapter ed_reese@yahoo.com    905 389-7887

-McMaster Divestment Campaign Fossilfreemcmaster@gmail.com- Sustainability Mohawk  -Sustainability Hamilton/Burlington

-Hamilton Quakers hamilton monthy meeting@gmail.com 905 523-8383 

-Hamilton Food Share  339 Barton St. Stoney Creek ON 905-664-9065-Canadian Catholic Organization of Development and Peace

Food not Bombs hamiltonfnb@gmail.com  - Blue dot 

Dundas Churches

-Eco-WHAM (Eco Churches of West Hamilton).

-Green Venture  -Burlington Green  -Citizens Climate Action Plan – Brian Montgomery  -Kairos  -Sobi Bikes

 -Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board beaudettep@hwcdsb.ca  Halton Environmental Network


What:  Rally at City Hall on the international day of climate action 

When:  3:00 pm Sunday November 29th 2015 (the day before UN climate treaty discussions begin in Paris, France)12046988_1722921591262287_5791506906353484649_n.jpg

Where:  Hamilton City Hall. First Nations will welcome other groups ‘migrating’ from various locations across Hamilton and Burlington, these groups having used climate-friendly means such as walking, cycling or using public transit to reach this destination.

Who:  Indigenous, resident, business, student, environmental, labour, cultural, political and faith groups are working together to plan this event in which we expect hundreds of Hamiltonians will take part.

Confirmed participants include:

The Hamilton Quaker Meeting, Hikers for 350, Burlington Green, Hamilton Blue Dot movement, Fossil Free McMaster, Catholic Organization for Peace and Development, SOBI Hamilton, Hamilton Catholic Schools, Mustard Seed Food Co-op, Hamilton 350, KAIROS, Environment Hamilton, Eco-Wham churches, Unity of Hamilton, Climate Reality leaders, Hamilton chapter of Council of Canadians, Hamilton Car-Share, Green Party (Hamilton), OPIRG McMaster. More are expected.

Why:  The biggest climate summit of the decade starts on November 30, and our leaders could reach an effective agreement to get the world off fossil fuels and navigate away from climate catastrophe, while signalling to politicians, boardrooms and stock-markets everywhere that the era of dirty energy is over. Winning won’t be easy -- but if we make leaders feel the power of this movement then we can win.

How: Many groups recognize the threats a changing climate poses for the health and safety and economic viability of our communities. We have many different views on how the climate crisis can be addressed, but our common concern recognizes that there are many responses to the challenge that must be explored and acted upon in order to protect our world, and help our communities adapt.  

We will create a visual statement of many different groups coming together to work on a challenge that affects everyone.  It will serve notice to leaders of all levels of government that climate change is an important issue for Hamilton and Burlington residents. We pledge to work together, with all of our various knowledge and skill sets, for solutions to climate related problems.

Environment Hamilton's contingent will meet at 2pm at the EH offices, 22 Wilson St., Hamilton. We will be signing letters to our officials before leaving as a group at 2.40 and walking together over to City Hall. We will be wearing green. Join us!

Facebook: Hamilton2Paris

 Hamilton2Paris from Environment Hamilton.


November 30th sees Heads of State from around the world arrive in Paris for Climate negotiations that affect us all. Environment Hamilton decided to ask local residents what actions they are taking right here at home, to help safeguard the climate. Thespec.com is printing these stories.

Agnes Richard, Climate Activist
Kathy Garneau, Extreme Energy conservationist
Cindy Gangaram, Teacher.
Conner Hurd
More stories will follow in the days leading up to the Paris negotiations.
Sandi Stride

Screen Shot 2015-11-24 at 10.54.56 AM.pngClimate Change in CATCH, with Don Mclean