About Us

Environment Hamilton was incorporated as a non-for-profit organization in 2001 and has worked since then to inspire people to protect and enhance our environment through leadership, education and advocacy. Together we:

  • Raise awareness and offer hope that we can all make a difference. 
  • Fearlessly and persistently tackle environmental injustices and remove environmental stresses to living systems. 
  • Identify, involve, support, and celebrate the commitment of those who share our vision for a better community and engage those who may not. 
  • Offer locally relevant solutions to achieve: food security, sustainable transportation, and healthy, clean air, water, and land. 
  • Connect with, mentor, support, inspire, and spark creativity in our youth in order to engage them in our efforts and to prepare them for what the future holds. 
  • Take local action on climate change and other global environmental issues. 

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The Staff Team

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Lynda Lukasik 

  Karen Burson   Beatrice Ekoko
Executive Director   Project Manager   Project Manager
Staff Pic- Juby.jpg   Staff Pic- Katie.jpg    
Juby Lee      Katie Stiel       
Project Manager   Project Manager    


The Current Board of Directors

Dr. Jim Quinn, Chairperson

Dr. Mark Sproule-Jones, Vice-chairperson

Dave Carson, Treasurer

Joyce Munro, Secretary

Sean Burak, Director-At-Large

Jennifer Dawson, Director-At-Large

Ned Nolan, Director-At-Large

Jarah West, Director-At-Large

DONATE: Environment Hamilton relies on the ongoing support from its funders, donors and members to do the work that we do. Help us continue to lead, educate and inspire by making a donation and becoming an EH member. 

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