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If you would like to help out at Environment Hamilton 
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Simply complete the form and submit it to us.  We'll follow up with you once we receive your completed form.  Thank you for your interest in EH. 

Are you or do you know of a high school student looking for volunteer hours?  Environment Hamilton has many opportunities perfect for students.  Read about them here!

Volunteer Opportunities


Dustbusters - Become a dustbuster logo.jpg

Dustbusters is a Environment Hamilton initiative that is cracking down on particulate matter emitters in the north-east end of Hamilton. Particulate Matter (measured by size as PM2.5 and PM10) are tiny particles of material - it can be as inert as dirt - that is suspended in the air, and has been closely associated with a range of health effects (everything from increased risk of prematurely born-babies, to youth asthma, and even heart-attacks and strokes).

The most easily avoidable, and often the worst individual instances of Particulate Matter concerns, are dusty, unpaved lots like scrap, recycling, and junk-yards. Many of these in the north-east end border on communities, and constitute a major health concern for residents. Hamilton City By-Law officers are empowered to fine such sites for "fouling the highways" ie. dragging the dirt out onto the roads, where other vehicles pick up the dust and re-suspend it.
Dustbusters has three goals:
1) Document (with pictures) instances of drag-out violations
2) report these violations to Hamilton By-Law, putting pressure on the PM offenders
3) educate and engage with the community to help them pursue goals 1+2, equipping them with the know-how to continue to put pressure on nearby industry until "best practices" are adopted
Help us by becoming a Neighbourhood Dustbuster! If you are an avid biker, we welcome any and all to help us out by DustRiding! If you are good with people, help us canvass the most affected neighbourhoods! If you are at all interested in helping out, no matter how much or how little, please contact us at contactus@environmenthamilton.org
Who you gonna call? Dust Busters!

Greening Sacred Spaces Youth:

We have opportunities for youth connected to institutions of worship (faith groups) through the Greening Sacred Spaces program. Want to green your place of worship? Perhaps arrange a workshop for the youth in your youth group? Greening Sacred Spaces and Environment Hamilton can assist you towards the goal of more sustainability and eco-action amongst young people.
We can come out and speak to your youth, offer a short presentation and talk about some of our programs, how youth can gain volunteer hours and how we can support their efforts towards greening.

Contact Beatrice Ekoko at bekoko@faith-commongood.net or call 905 549 0900.


Good 2 Go Box Logo final.jpg 

 Good Food Box Program 

This project makes healthy fresh food affordable and accessible to everyone!
We need volunteers for 2 hours on the third wednesday of every month to assist with Good Food Box packing.
This is ongoing.  We need about 4-6 packers each time, so grab some friends!  Come out once or twice or more!   
 Packs are fun!!  
The impact of this work is tangible for those who want to make a measurable difference to our community.
Please note: the pack activity is not strenous but some lifting is required. 
Contact Karen, Hamilton Eat Local Project Manager at 905.549.0900 or email: 




Help Environment Hamilton track the city's environmental decision-making.
We'll provide a list of options of committees or policy development processes that you can participate in or just observe. You become familiar with the environmental issues being examined (or not) and how our representatives are responding and help EH advocate for
better actions and policies.

Focus areas include: 
*city's cycling committee,
*City's waste management task force,
*pedestrian master plan development,
*solid waste management master plan review
*local transportation
*master plans (as they are undertaken),
*food and shelter advisory committee,
*affordable transit 
pass committee
*environmental assessments of infrastructure projects,
*bay area 
implementation team (multi-stakeholder)
*Niagara to GTA Corridor Study (provincial), etc.


In each case, we want the volunteer to become familiar with the process or the committee's work, and tell us what is happening there, and make suggestions on what interventions EH might consider.
The volunteer can personally advocate for environmental actions they support as well. Our objectives include:

-- EH keeping a closer eye on things so we know when to intervene
-- Amplifying the environmental voices in decision-making
-- Putting environmentally concerned people in a position where they can learn more
-- Strengthening EH's role in policy development
-- Pointing out the missing pieces in city policies - often the environmental/sustainability questions are never even asked or considered (for example, transportation master plans that don't really make walking and cycling and transit more important than vehicle use).

Watchdog volunteers can also identify a specific environmental action they think the city should do (such as allowing chickens in backyards, purchasing green vehicles, improving the transit system, etc.) and then:
(1) find out what the city is actually doing on this; and 
(2),if necessary, help EH start advocating for change.
EH staff and volunteer neighbours watch emissions from ArcelorMittal Dofasco. While the company is supposed to be in the midst of implementing a $16 million five year air quality improvement plan called "Blue Skies," the sky over the plant is far from being blue.
The plant continues to emit high levels of the potent cancer-causing substance benzo(a)pyrene among other hazardous pollutants of concern.
We are encouraging Hamiltonians to watch for emission problems from the plant and to formally report problems to the provincial Environment Ministry.
Email contactus@environmenthamilton.org for more information.
Do you enjoy writing articles, reviewing books and other resources, researching and reporting on cutting edge materials? Write for the newsletter and blogs.  You can help us grow our resource library by contacting publishers and getting review copies of materials. You will  need to do write ups of the material for the blog.
Are you interested in community advocacy and environmental activism?
Would you like to help out with and learn how to prepare a case for an Ontario Municipal Board (OMB) appeal?
We have a volunteer position for you. Under the steady guidance of staff and community leaders,the volunteer will help with the applied research needed, note taking and preparing appeals forenvironmental issues community members are approaching us about- such as the aerotropolis issue-this issue being the conversion of over 2500 acres of airport-area foodland into an industrial business park. (Currently this volunteer opp is closed).

We are looking for someone who can keep on top of available grants that are available and compatible with Environment Hamilton's mandate.


This postion is for a volunteer who has experience editing short videos and youtube videos.

Canning, weaving, drying food, creating videos? Contact Juby to set up a workshop - volunteer@environmenthamilton.org


Environment Hamilton is afiliated with many other non profits and activist groups who also need volunteers.  Check out their websites:

Green Venture: http://www.greenventure.ca/join-our-team-volunteer

Hamilton 350: http://hamilton350.com/participate

Hamilton Victory Gardens: http://www.hamiltonvictorygardens.org/

New Hope Bike Co-op: http://www.newhopebikecoop.ca/